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Jan 2014

Update About The Video For Fiction, Write A New End, Management & More!

Karl Vasey - Vasey

Hi everyone!

Aidan again, just wanted to update you on everything we’ve been doing so far in 2014! We had a bit of a break from band activity over Christmas and New Year to spend time with our families but we’ve been working hard behind the scenes ever since and have a few bits of news to share with you all.

First and foremost, you will have probably already seen the announcement about our line-up change and the Recruitment of Rolz Guilford. Rolz is currently working closely with Karl on our songs to make sure that the different guitar parts work together before we all get together as a band in the new rehearsal space in February. I’m really looking forward to getting back behind the drums. As nice as it is to have a break from time to time, I’m starting to get itchy feet now so I really can’t wait to get playing again and working on our new live sound!

The first cut of our video for “Fiction” was completed a few days ago and it’s now in post-production for the final enhancements to be made. This video has quite a laid back feel and some really nice warm colour tones which we think fit really well with the song. We’ve had a lot of people telling us that Fiction is one of their favourite songs off the album and so we’re really excited for you all to see it. Once the final edit gets approved, we’ll be looking to set a release date. We don’t yet know when this is likely to be but we’ll definitely let you know when we’re closer to setting a date.

We mentioned some time ago that another of our songs “Write A New End” is being used in an upcoming Indie film titled “Devil’s Tower”. We’ve been in touch with the producers to find out when this might be released but they don’t have anything concrete yet. The production company are still in discussions with distribution companies but once an agreement is made, it will be up to the distributors to set a release date. To coincide with this, we’re also planning to shoot our own video for Write A New End, which we are currently collating ideas for, and will aim to release it at around the same time as Devil’s Tower. Hopefully more news to come soon on both of these things!

Since Vasey began, we have always been responsible for our own publicity, bookings, promotion, finances and everything else that comes with being in an unsigned band. We recognise that there is only so much a band can do on their own and so recently we came to a decision that, in order to boost our profile and be able to get our music to a much larger audience, we needed to enlist some help from somewhere. As such, we have recently been having a number of discussions with management companies and have found one that we think will really help us to achieve our targets by taking responsibility for some of the more promo focused tasks and removing some of that pressure from us. We hope that this will allow us to put more time and energy into the thing that really matters; the music! We’re really looking forward to stepping it up a gear and hopefully taking this band to the next level.

This is where you guys come in… We’re currently recruiting members for “Cyber Street Teams” to help us spread the word about Vasey across the globe. If you would like to get involved by running a street team for us drop us an email at vaseyband@gmail.com and we’ll send you more information.

That’s all for now. We’re really eager to get cracking and make 2014 a great year for Vasey! Stay tuned for more updates soon or subscribe to one of our social media sites for up-to-the-minute information on the band!





  • Richard Weston

    Please add the VASEY Street Team UK to you media lists! https://www.facebook.com/vaseyfans

  • Nat

    Yeah Aidan, I hate to break it to ya but the itchy feet……it’s called athletes foot roflmao :D
    It’s all great news :)
    Thanks for the update m8