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Jun 2013

Shooting The Video For Fade Out

Fade Out - Vasey

While it may seem like we’ve been inactive for the last few weeks, we’ve actually been busy sculpting promo materials for the album’s release.. We recently shot band footage for “Fade Out”, the upcoming single from our debut album. While the video for our first single, “The Otherside” had a light, bright and colourful feel to it, we were keen to make sure the tone and feel for the “Fade Out” video was quite different and decided to go with a darker, more gritty look.

Early in the development stages, we decided we wanted the band’s performance to be shot against an industrial backdrop or a bleak environment, however we were also very conscious of the fact that many bands choose the “band in an abandoned warehouse” in their videos… We made the decision to shoot at night with a very specific lighting style to set the shoot apart from other videos and after some time spent location scouting, we came across a wonderfully dirty, working factory in the middle of nowhere which we were given permission to use out of hours!

The shoot itself was complex as the available time on location was limited (we had to make sure that every shot counted) and with the shoot running right through the night, we found ourselves combating fatigue with copious amounts of coffee. Limitations to the amount of space we had to manoeuvre the camera rigs resulted in band members being filmed individually in a somewhat claustrophobic nature – something that we also felt would be “out of the norm” from other videos… The location itself provided hurdles with dust and grease littering the place (running the risk of it getting all over the camera equipment) but ultimately this only added to the look and feel we were wanting to achieve!

After viewing the first edit of the video we are really happy with the vast majority of the shoot and can see that the time taken for such a shoot was worthwhile! We are now in the process of filming the “story” elements to the video to convey the song’s concept, something we hope to finish off very shortly! Watch this space, things are happening!

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to view images from the video shoot!

Benji – VASEY

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