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Sep 2014

Guitarist Ian Widdison Joins The Band

Ian Widdison - Vasey

Hey Guys,

We have an announcement to make about our band lineup.

Benji moved to Norway several months ago which logistically made things very difficult for us to continue to move forward as a band. So in the interest of the band, we have mutually decided to work with another guitarist. Benji put his heart and soul into the band, and we will never stop hearing that in the music!

But we have to move forward, and Ian Widdison is helping us do that right now!

Ian joined the band recently, and with his 2 huge pedal boards, brilliant versatile guitar playing, and his ability to learn and write guitar parts ridiculously quickly, he’s already added another dimension to our songs, and they feel like they should have been there from the start!

We played our first festival together at CEX last month and we sounded more polished than we ever have. Looking forward to more coming up!

Thanks and see you soon.


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