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Sep 2014

Guitarist Ian Widdison Joins The Band

Ian Widdison - Vasey

Hey Guys, We have an announcement to make about our band lineup. Benji moved to Norway several months ago which logistically made things very difficult for us to continue to move forward as a band. So in the interest of the band, we have mutually decided to work with another guitarist. Benji put his heart [...]

Jan 2014

Update About The Video For Fiction, Write A New End, Management & More!

Karl Vasey - Vasey

Hi everyone! Aidan again, just wanted to update you on everything we’ve been doing so far in 2014! We had a bit of a break from band activity over Christmas and New Year to spend time with our families but we’ve been working hard behind the scenes ever since and have a few bits of [...]

Jun 2013

Shooting The Video For Fade Out

Fade Out - Vasey

While it may seem like we’ve been inactive for the last few weeks, we’ve actually been busy sculpting promo materials for the album’s release.. We recently shot band footage for “Fade Out”, the upcoming single from our debut album. While the video for our first single, “The Otherside” had a light, bright and colourful feel [...]

Jun 2013

VASEY To Play Knipfest On 29th June 2013

knipfest Vasey

We are pleased to announce that we will play the annual charity open air festival Knipfest on June 29th 2013. The event is held to raise money for Cancer Research.

Apr 2013

Recording Secretly Worship You (Video)


A short clip for the song “Secretly Worship You” put together with footage from the recent VASEY recording sessions. The song will be on our forthcoming album “Be Someone Else”, due for release soon!



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